GREEN Charter Application Form

Thank you for your interest in GREEN Charter School! We are proud of what we are accomplishing here and are excited to have you discover us.

As a public charter school in South Carolina, we are required to run a lottery to fill our seats. Our lottery process has several deadlines, so please read this entire introduction before completing the application below. Also, be sure to choose the appropriate year from the School Year Applied For menu.

If you wish to apply for the 2017-18 school year, please complete the application below to be added to our wait list. Spots do become available periodically, so we encourage everyone who is interested to apply!

For the 2018-2019 school year, we will run two lotteries.

The FIRST LOTTERY will be ONLY for seats in for K5 and 6th grades since we are opening new classes in both grade levels.

The SECOND LOTTERY will be for the available spots in all grades K5-11. Before the second lottery, we will do our annual re-enrollment for current students to determine the number of spots that will be available for this second lottery. New applicants for the spots in grades K and 6 will be added to our wait list from the 1st lottery, and seats will be filled in order of the wait list.

Important Dates for the 2018-2019 Lottery Process:



Lottery #1 takes place (for K5 and 6th grade new seats in the 18-19 school year). Deadline 12/7/17



By this date, all families will be notified of their status in the December 8 lottery.



Lottery #2 takes place (for all grades). Deadline 3/15/18



By this date, all families will be notified of their status in the March 16 lottery.

Please note that a valid email address is REQUIRED to start the online application, as it will be used for all future communications. You must verify your email address before the acceptance of your application is considered complete. If you do not receive a verification email from us, please check your spam or junk folder before calling us. If you receive the confirmation email, your application has been received. There is no need to contact the office to confirm our receipt of it. The office staff of GREEN Charter School does not have direct access to the information you enter on this application.

If you do not have access to a computer, please visit us at any location, and we will allow you access to a device where you can enter your child’s information for the lottery.

Please note that your child is not officially enrolled in our school until you have (1) received an email offer of a spot AND (2) returned to us the completed GREEN Charter School Enrollment Form. If you do not submit the requested paperwork by the deadline given to you in the offer email, you forfeit the spot offered to you as well as your place on our wait list, so please make note of those deadlines!

Final Note: a child wishing to enter Kindergarten in Fall 2018 must have been born on or before September 1, 2013. Children born 9/2/2013 or later will be eligible to enroll in public school in SC in Fall 2019.

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Parent/Guardian Information
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A valid email address is required to complete this application. You will receive instructions in the email provided to confirm your application. If not confirmed within 7 days, submitted applications will be discarded.


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Terms and Conditions:

I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the answers to the foregoing questions and statements made by me in this application are complete and accurate. I understand that any false information, omissions, or misrepresentations of facts may result in rejection of this application or future dismissal of the applicant. I also understand that the School will contact me for future communication.